5 Ways to Accelerate Physical Healing

5 Ways to Accelerate Physical Healing

This month’s article is about physical healing because I recently broke my left arm. I am using physical healingthese techniques as well as some others, such as Reiki. However, because not everyone uses energy work to heal I wanted to keep the list doable for a larger audience.

Our physical bodies are designed to heal themselves with very little intervention. We can, however, accelerate healing by following some of the suggestions below.

To date I have consistently cut my healing time by 50%. While looking at my x-rays it was great to hear my doctor say, “It’s been six months since your surgery” when it had only been three. My results were based on the list you see below causing me to heal much more quickly than he had anticipated.

If you’re healing from surgery, an illness or injury by making a few lifestyle changes you can significantly reduce your healing time.

Mental Rehearsal
Surgery — If you haven’t had surgery before it is comforting to know what to expect. Walk yourself through each step. As you do you can eliminate any nervousness or fears that arise. If you have had a tour of the hospital you can imagine yourself feeling calm and coping well in that setting.

Injury — If you are recovering from an injury picture yourself easily accomplishing the tasks that you did prior to the injury.

Give Yourself Permission to Be off Work and Resting
For many people, our work ethic is off the charts. However, the human body requires rest in order to heal quickly. You need to use your energy to generate new cells rather than sweeping the floor or doing that paperwork. Commit to taking the time off and setting all thoughts of work aside.

Eat the Right Foods
Would you put Pepsi and mashed potatoes in your gas tank? Of course not. Our bodies can’t do their job of healing if we consume empty calories. Give yourself  suggestions about desiring moderate amounts of the correct healthy foods to promote healing. Suggest also that you desire more water and less beverages with caffeine and/or carbonation.

Turn your attention inward and learn to eat intuitively. After major reconstructive orthopedic surgery my body craved only meat and vegetables. I couldn’t abide carbohydrates in any form.

Intentional Movement
Our bodies are meant to be in motion. And the sooner we resume activity the more quickly the body can heal itself. Because it often hurts to move, use your breath to stay relaxed and be willing to remain active.  I am not suggesting here that you get back to work or resume your full exercise program just yet. Gentle activity is the key.

Tap the power of your subconscious mind
Write positive suggestions about healing. Remember to write your suggestions about what you do want rather than what you don’t want. For example, “My body (area of injury/surgery)  feels comfortable and heals quickly.”

If you already practice self hypnosis you can deliver your suggestions during your trance. If not, we pass through a state of hypnosis as we fall asleep at night. It’s a great time to deliver your suggestions and to see yourself completely healed. Your subconscious mind will focus on your positive words and images as it has nothing else to do while you sleep.

Visualization works because the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between your image and your “reality”. Here is an example of a visualization that I have used successfully: when I broke my femur some years ago. I visualized squeezing “bone glue” along the break. After 30 days I couldn’t bring in that image. Which is odd. Since I’m using my imagination I expect to have an endless supply. After the x-ray two days later my doctor confirmed that I was “making new bone like gangbusters” and even asked me what I was doing.

Update: Our minds are incredibly powerful. As expected, my left arm  healed in two weeks. Other than feeling a little stiff it is back to normal.

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Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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