Can migraine relief be this easy?

A colleague of mine had to cancel our meeting because she was experiencing a migraine. Some of you probably know first hand how debilitating that can be.Years ago, when I first graduated from hypnotherapy training, my (now ex) husband had a migraine. I didn’t really know what to do to help him. The timing was also an issue because I have low blood sugar and need to eat on time. Every time.

So I hypnotized him and gave him suggestions that every cell in his head was restoring itself to normal function. In addition, I gave him instructions that he would accomplish that in the next 20 minutes and that he would then come back to full awareness, feeling great. It all worked perfectly. He showed up in the kitchen exactly 20 minutes later, migraine free.

That day I formed a belief that easing a migraine is easy. Over the years, I’ve heard many colleagues report that migraines are difficult to alleviate. I bought into their view because they probably knew more than I did. Once my belief changed my experience also changed with the few clients that have come to me with that problem.

However, I had an inspired idea recently about helping my colleague to get relief. I have worked with her before so I know that she’s an excellent trance subject. My pre-talk was simply, “I have an idea. Why don’t we see if it works.” No expectations. We’ll just let it unfold.

Here is what we did: I counted from 20 down to 1 with suggestions for returning to the deep level of trance that she always reaches when we work together in my office (we were on the phone) along with suggestions for allowing and receiving relief. I told her that “yes, it can be this easy.”

I said a lot of other things that simply came to mind in the moment. I also added that when we reached the number “1” she would step to the other side of “1” and find relief. (The idea for “the other side of one” came from a script by Virginia Sabedra in my Worldwide Book of Scripts and Inductions )

The whole process took about 3 minutes. Her initial rating (on a scale of 0-100) was 80. On the other side of “1” she was zero.

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