Case history: Finding Passion with hypnosis

Events opened up considerably for “Ruth” after our last hypnosis session. However, over time, her allowance felt blocked again, she was not feeling lighthearted and useful. She misses  knowing that she can have what she wants.

51 year old Ruth wants to be free from mom’s judgment, to be able to be her authentic self with her family. She doesn’t believe that Mom shares her  understanding of what God wants from us. Ruth wants to feel supported

While a part of her felt comfortable with self expression, that part also says you can express but doesn’t trust that you can have what you want. Between sessions Ruth  had stomach discomfort, trouble breathing which she equates as a lack of trust. She’s been struggling with lack of energy and motivation. She’s not trusting, feeling useful or allowing herself to follow her dream.

Although Ruth has been sleeping 10-11 hours, she still feels tired. Because she forced herself to exercise, everything started hurting. She pushed through but realized that her body was not ready to move forward.

The hunger (to follow her dream) that she’s had in the past just isn’t there. She wonders if a part is just shut down right now? She thinks that her childhood beliefs are currently running the show.

Goal: Communicate with the Part/s that are blocking client’s passion and connection to God.

The first part to step forward was eight year old “Passion”. Her job is to protect Ruth and make her feel guilty. Passion reports that there’s no benefit to Ruth, and her actions make her (Passion) feel sad. Passion also says that, “it’s my job to make her feel shame.”  She does not like this job.

I asked Passion if there was anything that she’d like to express to Ruth? Passion apologized for making her head hurt and to feel dead inside…. she was “just doing her job.” Passion also comments, “I’m the darkness.”

Here’s Ruth’s response to passion: I’d like opportunity to show the light that I can bring to world. If allowed to shine, I would be happy inside, and bring happiness to others. I really want to do that. Passion, please remove the darkness, shame and blocks that keep me down and unhealthy. Your new job could be to open a pathway. You could also feel joy and lightness. We could connect more freely with people who love us and want to see us shine brightly.”

Passion agreed to take on this new job and believed that she could perform her new job more easily if she were closer to Ruth’s current age. Before helping her to grow up Ruth mentioned a pain in her mid-back.

Five year old Disrupter came forward. Her job is to keep Ruth out of trouble, keep her small, under the radar. Disrupter doesn’t want attention. This part benefits by not getting her feelings hurt and being yelled at. There’s no judgement if  she stays out of trouble.

Ruth responds by telling Disrupter that she doesn’t like being in pain. She educates her about not letting others’ opinions affect her. She asks this part to change jobs and help her to be herself all the time, without self-judgement. Disrupter agrees and is willing to grow up to better perform her new job. Since she’s making such a large change she renames herself to Supporter.

Since both parts have agreed to grow up I start with five year old Supporter and pick up Passion on the way. Both have agreed to grow up to be 51, Ruth’s current age. Ruth brings them into her head so that they can work together as a whole. She reports feeling more free.

When Ruth returned for her next session she reported that she is no longer feeling that something bad is going to happen.

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