Case study: Learning to Trust

Even after 25 years of working with clients I am truly amazed at how quickly they can make progress. Take “Vanessa” a 30 year old single mom. She reports being pregnant at 16 and on her own by 18 with … Continue reading

Single hypnosis scripts

What’s New? Single hypnosis scripts These single metaphorical hypnosis scripts are affordable for every budget. No need to buy an entire book, simply pick the topics that meet your client’s needs. Stories have been used to convey insights about the … Continue reading

5 Ways to Accelerate Physical Healing

5 Ways to Accelerate Physical Healing This month’s article is about physical healing because I recently broke my left arm. I am using these techniques as well as some others, such as Reiki. However, because not everyone uses energy work … Continue reading

6 Areas Hypnotherapy Can Help PTSD

In reading Joan Courtney’s book, PTSD: A Guide to the Basics, I was reminded of just how prevalent this condition has become. When I hear the term I first think about combat veterans. Simply looking at the definition tells us … Continue reading

Shifting Away From Fear

You’re home alone in the middle of the night when you hear a sound somewhere in the house. You lie in bed trying to figure out what that could be. Maybe someone has broken into your house. Your stomach knots … Continue reading

Free Teleconferences

This year you will have an opportunity to join a free teleconference to learn more from a few of the speakers for the ACHE Conference. My teleconference is scheduled for April 23. See below for details. Two additional free teleconferences … Continue reading