EFT Clears the past

Excerpted from Hypnosis in Action

As we discuss her goal, Rebecca says that she wants respect. In the previous session her theme was feeling like a piece of sh… As we discuss her goal, along with quite a bit of anger and irritation, she talks a lot about feeling stupid. Very likely a variation of the previous issue. In EFT terms, simply another aspect to clear.

Goal:    Gain respect and open up possibilities

Initial aspects
Anger at neighbors                   8
Pissed off at stupid things that people say    10
Feels stupid when dad says
“what you do doesn’t turn out”           8
Get stressed when my mind spirals         5-6
Lack of physical energy              7
Weight on shoulders                  4

Following induction and deepening…

We started with the aspect with the highest rating, “pissed off at the stupid things people say.”  Now that she was in hypnosis it no longer felt quite the same. The client explained it this way, “Not so much that I get pissed off, now they’re just being stupid. So I don’t take it on, I just see them as that’s the way it is. It’s not where I have to make them myself, make it my thing.”

With her new perspective she could see that it was their stuff and described it like a little wall that doesn’t get through to her. It bounces back to them. With the wall she doesn’t let it “eat at her.”

We asked her subconscious to keep the wall in place permanently. Then we tested the effect by visiting a recent time when she was upset with something stupid someone said. With the wall in place she described it this way: “It’s like… I see… like on the computer, the arrows and the drawings. It’s kind of like it comes at me, [laughter] but it has a separate go-around and so what they said it just kind of [wind-down sound].” She loved it.

Next , we addressed the aspect, “feel stupid when your dad says what you do doesn’t turn out,” which she had rated as an eight. It had dropped to a six and she wanted to let more of that go. However, she felt a real sadness about it [Another aspect surfaces] Rebecca rated her sadness as a ten. As we tapped on “this sadness” it dropped to a zero within a few rounds. Notice that sadness wasn’t on her original aspect list.

We returned, then, to the aspect of “feeling stupid” which was a six initially and tapped it out.

By the end of her session we had addressed all her aspects. The EFT was interwoven into regression, reframing, etc. The session went on from here but this gives you an idea of how we use EFT with hypnosis.

When she was re-alerted, Rebecca commented, “Oh, look at this… my skirt was tight around my waist when I came in and now it’s two inches looser!” She was so full of energy that she could hardly sit still. Rebecca’s increased energy is a good indicator of how much her perception shifted during this session. She was literally too energized to sit still! Lack of energy was also one of her negative aspects.

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