Expand your Intuition CD Set


Following the exercises will help you to expand your natural ability to connect with Spirit’s message. Suitable for both beginners and advanced students.
Disc 1: Exercises & Lecture, 73 minutes

Disc 2: Handouts (Data CD)

“What an eye-opener for me, Katherine! I was looking for confirmation of my intuition, and I definitely got it! It was fun to practice in a safe, non-judgmental, environment. I especially appreciated the guidance you gave us to use in the future to judge whether it’s my ego or my intuition talking. Thank you!” Debra

There are four levels to intuition. You will have an opportunity to expand your clairsentenience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance.


Format: CD


Intuition is an extrasensory perception of something that you should or shouldn’t do without any substantial proof, often accompanied by a noticeable physical response. Everyone has a sixth sense but because of daily demands on time, energy, and senses, we don’t use it as often as we could. When we do use our it, life flows more easily. Simply stated, intuition is direct knowledge.
Perhaps we’re all born with an InQ™ (intuitive quotient) as well as an IQ. Your InQ reflects your ability to go inward, respond to a variety of intuitive skills, perceive connections, communicate non-traditionally, and tap personal and collective wisdom.
Following your inner guidance can help you
•    Find something that you’ve misplaced.
•    Make better business decisions
•    Know that a loved one is in trouble and reach out to help.
•    Know what to do or say with family, clients and/or co-workers.
•    Know when to change jobs and which job to accept or avoid.
•    Guide you in daily life so that you can live in the flow.
Like anything else, our intuition needs to be exercised so that it’s available when we need it. In this experiential home study course we will use a light state of hypnosis to reach the superconscious mind, the seat of your intuition.


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