Learn to Love Yourself CD Set


Six sessions to help you learn self love.

    This set of CDs provides you with six different guided processes to assist in releasing blocks to self love:

  • Disc 1: Uncover Resistance/Love Yourself Break through resistance to self love and begin loving yourself.
  • Disc 2: Visualize Love/Love Your Body.  Learn to love yourself as you do others. Learn to love and accept your physical body.
  • Disc 3: Love Your Feelings/Love Your Mind Become comfortable with your feelings and quiet the chatterbox in your mind.

Format: CD


Learn to Love Yourself

The CDs provide a powerful source of support as you learn to love yourself. The exercises recorded on these CDs have been carefully designed to assist you in achieving a state of self love. As you practice the exercises you will begin a process of positive change. The change will take place in your subconscious, permanently altering your self image.

Regular use of these CDs will assist you in tapping into your inner resources. For best results, listen to a track at least once a day, five times a week for a period of 21-30 days or until you notice a lasting change.

Learning to love ourselves builds inner strength.

Years ago I thought that my inner strength came from my husband. I had to become very ill to realize that I had a core of strength within. It was a hard way to learn this lesson. Once I understood the lesson I knew that I would never be that sick again.

Self love is the solution to suffering from poor mental, emotional and even physical health. It alleviates depression, enhances relationships and can sometimes heal physical illness. Even a slight opening in the door to self love makes a difference. According to Gay Hendricks, psychologist and author of The Learning to Love Yourself Workbook, “when we seek love without bathing ourselves in it from within, we will never be satisfied with what we get.”

Nothing replaces learning to love yourself. A healthy love is gentle and compassionate and, at the same time, tough. We need to be kind and gentle with ourselves and at the same time treat ourselves with consistency and with discipline.

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