The good with the bad

Someone broke into my house recently. Naturally, I was very upset. Although I did sleep well the first night. Exhausted, perhaps, from all the fallout.

They didn’t take much or make a huge mess, for which I am grateful. They did take a cold laser device and my grandmother’s brooch. The one that she wore constantly. Two items that are irreplaceable.

The surprising news is that I didn’t feel violated — angry, yes — but not violated or powerless. I found the defective window lock that allowed them access and have replaced it. In putting things back in drawers I have sorted out more items to donate.

But the best outcome is that on the second night when I couldn’t sleep for oh, 3 hours, I remembered that I could soothe myself. Yes, it did take that long. My step father was on the police force many years ago (he died when I was in my 20s). I realized that I would feel safe if he were in the house. I  had the thought and felt his comforting presence immediately. I went back to sleep within minutes.

We are always connected to everything that we need. Always.

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