What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Sounds like the subject of a 3rd grade essay, doesn’t it? It isn’t. A more accurate title would be What I Did Instead of Taking a Summer Vacation. It’s been quite the experience.

Mid June as I was heading into another fun filled day of activities, I slipped and fell, breaking my femur. The day had started with such promise, too.

It was just 7 am. I was heading down the hall with a cup of hot tea when I slipped on something and fell, spilling that nice cup of tea all over my shiny hardwood floor. Rats. My first thought after wondering how I could clean it up was, “Maybe I will be having a knee replacement after all.” I’ve been practicing knee maintenance (or surgery avoidance) for a long time now.

The thoughts that flow in at a moment of crisis are odd. I remembered an early morning appointment that I would need to cancel. And dreaded calling my daughter because I knew she would worry and have to interrupt her plans.

Then I realized my home alarm system was still set and that walking was out of the question. So, here I am, sitting in great pain on the floor. Pretty calm, all things considered. I texted my landscaper (yes, my cell phone is my constant companion) the classic, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up. We’ll need to reschedule.”

I still didn’t call my daughter. This called for professional help. I dialed 9-1-1. I relayed my classic line to the operator and started scooting toward the door. Scoot, breathe, rest. In case you haven’t broken any bones, it’s extremely painful.

The paramedics arrived quickly and seeing me through the glass on the door, asked if I could open the door for them. Seriously? I’m still scooting and breathing.

After much discussion, they delivered me to the nearest Level 1 trauma center where the fun continued.

Now, this isn’t my first broken bone so I do know the drill. And, as I told my daughter, (yes, she’s finally been informed) I can’t change what happened so I might as well make the best of it. For me, that includes joking with the medical team. After all, I have had some pain killers. And I can be quite philosophical at times.

The prognosis was rather chilling – 8-12 weeks with no weight bearing. And two weeks in a rehab center. Not a chance.  I’ve heard those stories. The last time I broke my femur I went  dancing in three months. So I know what to do –

Self hypnosis to accelerate the healing. I was weight bearing in six weeks.

Self hypnosis to reduce the discomfort – I took 1/3 of the pain meds prescribed and turned down a refill.

Self hypnosis for stress. I was relaxed and accepting making it easier to heal.

Self hypnosis for motivation to exercise – I’ll be in great shape if I continue follow the physical therapist’s exercise plan!

Now, every morning I move into a healing space during my trance time. It’s wonderful.

And if any of you have missed some of your life plans due to a physical ailment, I’m offering my Activate Your Inner Healer mp3 for $1. Click the link: http://trancetime.com/product/activate-your-inner-healer-mp3/  Offer ends in Oct. 31, 2017.

Trance on! ~Katherine


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