Continuing Education

I offer live courses as well home study CE courses. I teach live courses in the San Diego area, however, if you have a group of 8-10 I may be able to travel to your area to teach. Please contact me and we can discuss it.

Most Home study courses are available with an option for 60 minutes of one-on-one time. That time can be used for a personal session or for mentoring about your clients.

Kind Comments:

[About the Initial Interview DVD] “…as usual, it was excellent. I’m so sorry I didn’t take my initial hypno training from you. You are quite the instructor and I’ve learned so darn much from taking your courses…  and a week later… I will probably end up taking a bunch of your courses. I learn so much. You really know how to address lots of different types of learning styles. I utilize what I learn immediately. So fun to try out new inductions, and methods.”  ~Jan Weir, CHT

Most of the following courses are offered live and as home study.

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Hypnotherapy Refresher: A refresher and quick reference guide to hypnotherapy practice and techniques Have you been away from hypnotherapy for awhile? Perhaps you took training as a retirement option. Now that you’re ready to see clients, do you lack confidence? Or perhaps you simply need a fresh approach – something that differs from your original training. It is always helpful to train with a new instructor If so, this hypnotherapy refresher course has been designed just for you. After reviewing the basics in the comfort of your own home, you can confidently start your practice or infuse your existing practice with new ideas. This also gives you an opportunity to have four of your sessions reviewed by an experienced colleague. Remember how great it was to have feedback when you were learning?

Course description: Covers inductions, deepeners, convincers and the pre-induction interview. Includes 86 page manual, a 30 page reference guide. Includes one e-book: Hypnosis in Action

Pre-requisite: basic training in hypnosis.

“…thank you for an excellent refresher course. I appreciated how well organized and precise the materials were and your presentation was very easy to follow.” Constance Kenney, CHT

“Thank you, Katherine. You are a great teacher! Your refresher class was exactly what I needed..” Katie Purvis, HT

“…I find this course SO beneficial and helpful and supportive…I’m glad I chose to take this course in working toward my CE hours. Thank you! I’m excited to dive into the intuition course as well.” Kelly Gerhardt, CHT

The Emotional Freedom Techniques – 15 CE hours for hypnotherapists
Pre-requisite: Levels one and two or comparable training from another institution
Imagine techniques so simple and so effective that you can learn another way to help your clients remove negative emotional issues and blocks that have interfered with their goals. The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) are quick and powerful and blend extremely well with hypnosis. Experience the power and effectiveness of these easy to use tools to create immediate and permanent change. Day 1: Learn the basics in depth; Day 2: Apply EFT to weight, smoking, and stress. Manual included. (Also available as home study)

Past Life Regression Therapy – 15 CE hours for hypnotherapists
Pre-requisite: Age regression. This course covers the philosophy of reincarnation and its application in hypnotherapy. Through this therapy we will explore the soul’s current choices and relationships. We will explore past life talents and abilities, couples past life regression and how to conduct group past life workshops. Manual included. Also available as home study

Spirituality & Intuition – 15 CE hours
Pre-requisite: None. Discover how to connect more fully with the “wind beneath your wings.” In this experiential seminar you will have an opportunity to expand your natural intuitive gifts and tune in more fully to the ever-present Divine guidance.
Through group and one-on-one exercises you will expand your natural intuitive gifts in order to hear Spirit’s guidance. Includes processes to assist you in connecting to your spiritual guidance. If you are in a therapeutic or change work field you will also learn ways to work at a deeper level with your clients. There will be time in class for practice sessions. Manual included. Also available as home study.

Future Life Progression – 15 CE hours
Pre-requisite: Levels one and two or comparable training from another institution
• What if you could custom design your own destiny?
• Speed up your future success?
• Reveal your future talents?
Simply put, you can.

Have you ever wished that you could go back 10 years and give yourself advice? You would benefit, wouldn’t you? So why not go to a potential future and give your current self advice? Includes manual.

Re-Vision – 10 CE hours
Pre-requisite: Levels one and two or comparable training from another institution
“You’ve got to vibrate slightly different from where you are if you are going to improve where you are” ~Abraham

What is the Re-Vision Process?
The process we’ll be learning comes as a gift from Spirit. It is a new process combining hypnosis, energy work and a simple application of the Emotional Freedom Techniques along with learning how to create the energy of what you desire.

While no one process will magically heal everything, there are many dependable benefits clients will most likely experience. These include…

• A deep sense of happiness and contentment
• Increased sense of freedom
• Greater ease in relating to others
• A deeper spiritual connection
• A greater sense of lightness and clarity

Kind comments from recent Re-Vision students
“This is clearly a gift from Spirit – incredibly powerful – helped me move through a blockage that’s been holding me back for years.” Jo Pettit, CHT

“Katherine, you are warm, non-judgmental, encouraging and open to what is needed. Great course.” Helene Beddingfield, CHT