Success Stories

From a teacher:

“I saw you for a few sessions a few weeks back to work on some anxiety I had associated with my professional teaching observation. I just wanted to share with you that the observation went very well. I felt calm throughout and the feedback was all positive. I did have some jitters prior to the observation but when it was happening it was fine, exactly the result I wanted. Thanks for your help…”


From a gentleman preparing for his first solo flight:

The day before yesterday I flew to Sac executive for lunch and the to another airport called Franklin, then I flew back to Lodi. Yesterday I flew my first 50+ mile solo cross country to Sutter County Airport near Marysville. No problems or anxiety at all, just like in the dream/hypnosis.

Thank you very much for helping me , when I came to you I really didn’t think I was going to be able to complete my goal, but your help is what did it for me. I will be in touch soon to show you my new pilot license, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


From a college student:

“I have found hypnotherapy to be a wonderful asset to my life. Not only has it allowed me to work through some serious problems, it has given me a great respect for the human mind. I gained much personal confidence after my sessions with Katherine because not only did I feel her healing power, I realized my own.

“I have been through both traditional therapy (psychoanalysis) and hypnotherapy. While I benefited from both, I found hypnotherapy to have the strongest impact on my life. The wonderful thing about hypnotherapy is that you are guided into exploring your own memories, experiences and motivating factors influencing your issues. It is a much more self-involving therapy than traditional psychotherapy in that during a therapy session you tell the therapist everything then they interpret what is going on in your life. During a hypnotherapy session you, as the subject, identify an issue that needs either clarification or resolution. You can then get to the core of the issue and learn why it is affecting you. With the aid of a wonderful hypnotherapist (as is Katherine) you may move on to resolve or accept it. It’s like getting the benefit of multiple traditional therapy sessions out of one hypnotherapy session because you work for the cure.

“Hypnotherapy is wonderful and has dramatically changed my life. It’s amazing what a little faith and an open mind can do.”


From a client who is returning to college:

“Everything is still going well, the sessions with you have sure helped me in a lot of different areas that still surprise me every other day. I am having very weird dreams about the ex, but I am just trying not to analysis any of them. The French is still getting better! It is weird how things start to change, for example at work I’ve been selected to head a committee – and give little presentations – one was thrown at me in a meeting to talk to everyone in the company about this new committee – and in the past I would have totally frozen – but with all your help it was easy! – didn’t have a panic attack or freeze just jumped in and gave a little impromptu intro. – Sure makes me feel a lot more confident in talking in general and especially to a whole group of people I don’t really know. I have one more presentation in French, I have doubts about doing it – but, in weird sort of way my subconscious won’t let me back out of it – even though I have moments of not wanting to complete it…. “

D. B.

From a client with fears of public speaking:

“I feel a lot better. The key was unlocking that I didn’t belong… thinking that I’m not good enough. Becoming conscious of it really helped me.”

 J. B.

From a client with a needle phobia:

Hi Katherine,
“I just wanted to tell you thank you for helping me over come my fear of needles. I’m the 25 year old with my first pregnancy and feared getting my blood work done. I went to get my lab work done today and I did great!  My mother went with me 2 weeks ago when I fainted and became physically sick and then went again with me today. She said it was like night and day with me. This time I was calm and relaxed and actually joking with the technician. This fear has plagued me since I was 12 years old and I thought I could never over come it. It has been my biggest fear about pregnancy. Now I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much for helping me.”

Truly grateful, C. L.

From a 17-year old competition skater:

Dear Katherine,
“This past weekend was amazing. On practice ice on Friday, I skated wonderfully. I wasn’t the least bit nervous and my program was beautiful. Friday night I visualized my program a few times before I went to sleep and the program was flawless.

I saw a lot of people from my old ice rink on Saturday. Most of them had improved a great deal and before that probably would have made me cry, but instead I was happy for them and it motivated me to do better.

I wasn’t nervous at all on Sunday until about a half an hour before my program. I started to doubt myself a little. I squeezed my first finger and thumb together, took a deep breath, and I felt instantly confident.

Before my programs at competitions or tests, my legs usually get shaky and lock up, I’m short of breath and my heart beats very fast. This time, I was perfectly fine. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was excited.

I skated a wonderful program. I didn’t back off on the jumps and I put emotion into every movement. When I got off the ice, it didn’t really matter where I placed because I knew that the whole experience of the weekend and seeing how far I’ve come mentally was enough. As it turned out, I came in first!

I can’t thank you enough for helping me gain strength mentally. I hope to make you a regular part of my career.”

Sincerely, C. G.

From a personalized recording for fears of driving:

Dear Katherine,
“I just wanted to let you know that I did “conquer” my fear of driving. I actually drove to work several times over the weekend. In fact, I drove everywhere over the weekend. For once, I did not panic sitting in traffic while waiting for the light to turn green. I am very pleased with the results. I wake up looking forward to the day, and getting behind the wheel. Getting back my independence is so liberating – I can feel my self confidence increasing, and I can see other positive changes in my personality as well.

Again, thank you.”
M. L.

Following a series of EFT sessions:

“Katherine, thanks so much for all your help over the past few months. I am integrating all that we uncovered, revealed, made available and possible to me. I’ve had three big breakthroughs (not intellectual or emotional revelations), so that I am now able to do things I haven’t before. I am approaching a degree of freedom I’ve seldom known. I’ll stay in touch.”

H. G.

From a young woman with a 10 year history of IBS:

“Along with a dramatic reduction in her IBS symptoms,” “Sandy” reports: “I also sleep better than I have for years, I no longer feel rushed through day to day activities and my chronic headaches have been cut by at least half. I can eat so many foods that I was missing: fruit, juice, several different vegetables. It has also helped with problem solving. It’s now much easier to step outside of a situation and clearly see the solution.”

From a 76 year old diarrhea predominant IBS client:

“I’m doing wonderfully well! What a relief. Thank you very much.”
Sincerely yours,
D. G.

From a client with constipation predominant IBS:

“Laura” had experienced chronic constipation for about 18 months. She was 81 when she entered the program and said that she had a good 10-15 years left and “didn’t intend to spend them feeling like this.” Laura followed the program faithfully and although she had never in 81 years learned to relax, by the end of the program she was virtually symptom free.

From a client studying for the Bar exam:

“I recently took the CA Bar exam. With Katherine’s assistance, using hypnosis and EFT, I developed the focus, concentration and confidence to study effectively in a very short period of time. I identified and removed the negative beliefs which had hampered me in my past bar exam performance. Although I do not have my score as yet, on the practice exams I scored 88 on two occasions and nothing lower than 80.”

J. V.

From a client with test anxiety:

I would like to thank you for helping me resolve my issues with anxieties. I am happy to report that the exam went well. I had a couple minor anxiety attacks, but I was able to control them with no problem. I was able to remain deeply concentrated and focused throughout the exam.

Thanks again.

From the dad of a teenaged client:

“John” was very, very nervous about going to his session with you yesterday. Then, last night we were talking and he was sad because he didn’t realize it was going to be a one time maybe twice needed session, his little face just was so sad. I re-emphasized that you had already given him all the tools he needed and he could pull them out and use them whenever needed. He was ok with that.

“However, I want to let you know that it was quite interesting to witness the results the moment he walked out of your office after the session. My wife and I have noticed some very subtle positive behavioral modifications that I am not sure “John” is conscious he is making. He seems to be a little kinder, mature and “in tune,” for John, that is huge. … Anyway, the session was a positive for him.”

From a client who had failed the Bar exam three times:

“Thank you for your assistance this past Jan/Feb. I PASSED THE BAR!!! Yep, I ended my streak on that 4th try! I really do believe that my sessions helped my positive and focused mindset during the exam and now in my daily life. Thanks so much!”
R. P.

From a client who came to stop smoking:

“My craving for a cigarette lasted only 10 seconds once a day! I am now a permanent non-smoker.”

S. T.

From a client working on personal growth:

“You have guided and helped me process issues that are changing my life.”
Thanks! J.S.

 From a 35 year old physician’s assistant with severe anxiety and panic attacks:

I’ve been listening to my CD twice a day since our first session. My anxiety medication is down to 1/4 mg which is down 3/4 mg from a week ago. My body DOES make something to calm me down! It is SO different from how it was I can’t even tell you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. C. W.

From a young woman with diarrhea predominant IBS

“I came to you quite a while back for gut-directed hypnotherapy for IBS… The results were amazing and still are. My IBS has been stable for well over a year and the single most effective thing I’ve done to get it that way is hypnotherapy.”


From a first time mom using hypnosis for childbirth

Dear Katherine,

My hypnotherapy training saved my life, my sanity and my baby girl. That’s the only way I was able to deliver naturally after 5 days of ZERO sleep. The nursing staff was amazed at my “high level of tolerance of pain”. The attending physician was a huge fan of hypnotherapy, so I had tremendous support of the entire medical staff. Unfortunately, because of the infection, I was IV’d and there was no room in the labor room to practice moving around or using a birthing ball. I was laughing and joking around in the delivery room and I did just fine.

My water broke at 6:15 p.m. on Sunday and the doctor wanted the baby out ASAP because there was a huge danger of passing the infection on to her. You remember how Daniel and I are a bit silly? Every time I felt a birth wave, I told my cervix to “open open open” sort of like the old annoying Mervyn’s commercial. The physician suggesting a small dose of oxytocin to get the labor into transition phase, because I was only 1 cm at the water break. I did agree, since the urgency of the situation could not be ignored.

However, self hypnosis did allow me to get myself dilated from 1 to 8 in 3 hours! Not too shabby. I did opt for an epidural at the very end, when I was just shy of 9 cm, because I knew without it, I wouldn’t have the power to push. The dose was incredibly small and I was able to move around and control my legs on the delivery table.

Here’s the most incredible: ONE push and her full head of hair was visible. It took 4 rounds of pushing and I delivered in about 15-20 minutes. It was fast!

Hypnosis helped me get my milk flowing in a day (whereas they told me it would take 5) and she’s been only receiving my milk since her second day of life. She’s doing great.

So I view my sessions with you as a total success and I thank you for all your help!

Talia Noel
Monday August 6 at 12:45 a.m.
3 pounds 11.7 ounces
17 inches long
most beautiful girl ever


From a first time mom who used hypnosis for childbirth:

“I had a huge fear that I would die in the process of giving birth. I have a wonderful son (George) and needless to say, I did not die… I was able to make it through about 20 hours of labor without pain meds or serious thoughts of dying. I had no fear when I went into labor. The nurses were impressed, and quite frankly, so was I. I did end of with a C-section at 22 hours. During the C-section I was cracking jokes with the surgeon and after his birth, George latched on so well to breast feed, all the nurses in recovery came over to see him in amazement, they had never seen it go so well.

“When we introduced George to Katherine at church, he found solace in her arms. He gazed up at her and peacefully cooed and relaxed. (He does not do this with everyone, to date, just his father, me and his Godmother get this special reaction.) He must have recalled how relaxed I was listening to her voice and how easy everything felt when her voice was on the CD as we drifted to sleep, during sessions, and during the birthing process. It was like he had been in her presence before, and indeed he had.”


“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. I still look at the red, glass heart that symbolizes me taking back something that was taken from me so long ago. You helped me change my life long sense of fear, shame and inadequacy through hypnosis!!”

Elaine N.

“The hypnosis worked, for the first time in 15 years I didn’t freak out on the plane!”

Michelle P.

From a weight reduction client

“I have lost 25 pounds as of yesterday and it just keeps coming off! people are asking about how I have done it and I tell them about you and what hypnosis does for me. I have always struggled with the bad self-talk (as you know) and now it is getting to be so easy to catch my self doing it. I sometimes have to catch myself from not butting in to people I don’t know and saying not to talk that way to themselves, I don’t want to be so nosy!! I went to Tahoe for 5 days and I brought my CD and I lost a pound and 1/2, it works so well. I know God led me to you and I hope to do more sessions (when possible), I also believe you showed me how to stay positive to help my brother, kids and family, too. I thank you so much for help!! Only 44.5 pound to go..One day at a time….”

Tami N.

From a student who learned EFT

“Been meaning to write and thank you for the EFT class. After you all tapped on my asthma, I haven’t used my inhaler all week! Something lifted….still some tightness is my chest, but I can finally get deep breaths whenever I want them. Amazing!!

“Also, my class partner and I tapped on a particular issue regarding my husband on Sunday. I had been planning to talk to him about it on Monday. By Monday evening, all the charge was out of it and I just didn’t need to be all serious/emotional about it. It was refreshing. 😉

Just wanted to update you on progress! What a great technique.”

Julie C.