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Sometimes we just need a simple tool to shift the direction our day is going. To date, all of my clients have admitted that they can take 60-90 seconds to make a positive difference in their day. What you you? If you’re ready to make a slight change that makes a huge difference, watch one the videos below and see what happens.

The key to stress reduction is to find a tool that you can use easily and often. Rather than allowing the stress to build and overwhelm you, take action. In 60-90 seconds you can alter your response to the stress in your life.









Click here to listen to my radio interview with Cindy Locher, CHT and Jody Kimmell

“Our guest for this episode is Katherine Zimmerman of Katherine has been a practicing hypnotist and instructor for over two decades and brings tremendous insight, and a calming energy, to our show!”

Listen in on our discussion and learn:
–How Katherine got into hypnosis
–How hypnosis changed her life
–Learn about hypnosis for test taking anxiety and public speaking
–An exciting discussion about hypnosis to raise your vibration and future life progression techniques.