I am conducting a study using hypnosis for chronic pain relief. Medication is designed to take the edge off the pain. Hypnosis has the potential of bringing the discomfort down to zero. Having experienced chronic pain myself, I know that even low grade, chronic pain destroys the quality of your life.

Participants must have access to a good internet connection as we will use Zoom (like Skype) for these sessions. Your physician must have ruled out any life threatening conditions. You must be committed to completing all five scheduled sessions.

To apply please email me at info@trancetime.com with the following information:
• Diagnosis from your physician
• Areas of body affected
• Ratings for each area on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the highest
• Availability (days, Saturdays, etc.)

Study participants pay only $250 total for the 5 session program. Normally $595.