The Emotional Freedom Techniques Instructor’s Manual


Table of Contents

  • Overview & EFT Lecture
  • The Basic Recipe
  • The EFT Diagram
  • Aspects
  • Delayed reaction
  • Surrogate tapping
  • Tell the Story Technique
  • Case Histories: Feeling Overwhelmed, Katherine Zimmerman Anger and Depression, Katherine Zimmerman Fear of Flying, Katherine Zimmerman EFT & Golf, Steve Cox EFT and Children, Gary Craig
  • The Ultimate Shortcut
  • The Presentation
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Resources
  • Evaluation


Be ready to teach classes in your area!


Emotional Freedom Techniques Instructor’s Manual

8 CE hours

“The EFT [Emotional Freedom Techniques] materials… were great. The professional presentation of your work is very much appreciated.” – Don Brandt, CHT

Thanks to the internet, more people are discovering the Emotional Freedom Techniques and want to learn more. This is an eight-hour one-day intensive course. You can market this material to the general public as well as to licensed counselors. Information on how to reach counselors and offer continuing education hours is included.

Teach this powerful self-help technique and watch your students make remarkable changes! Phobias dissolve, the emotional charge on past events melt away and physical pain is released. These techniques combine extremely well with hypnotherapy. This manual includes the lecture material, handouts and a sample brochure for counselors. It is very easy to market this course!

Initial earning potential: $1,490 (based on ten students).

You can easily attract clients

As my hypnotherapy class graduated, I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth.

I was telling my fellow students that I would teach! Who, me??

Let me back up for a minute. When we graduated from hypnotherapy training we asked each other how we planned to build a practice.

Every time I was asked I would say, “I’m going to teach a class.” Then reality would hit. I was afraid to speak to groups. In fact, you, me and one other was a group.

But it was my voice that kept saying it. I even looked behind me to see if someone was there, putting words in my mouth.

I said it so much that I decided that maybe I should listen.

I used self hypnosis to deal with my fears and jumped right in. Sure, I was nervous at first. But I felt more confident with every class that I taught.

Did it build my practice? Absolutely. Students would take my self hypnosis class and then ask, “What else do you teach?” So I would develop another class.

Students asked if I also worked with private clients and booked sessions. Many said, “I wouldn’t have come to you for a private session if I hadn’t taken the class first.”

Bottom line: I was paid to advertise my private practice. Why wait? You can use my field tested material and hit the ground running.

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Here is how you can benefit:

Why reinvent the wheel? This manual will be immediately useful in increasing your income. Whether you are just starting your practice or are looking for new avenues of income, teaching opens doors. It is an easy way to become known in your community and increase your private clientele.

This manual on the Emotional Freedom Techniques will be immediately useful in increasing your income. Whether you are just starting your practice or are looking for new avenues of income, teaching opens doors. Many of my students begin to open up during the class and move from there to private sessions. This workshop definitely opens doors for my students. It is sometimes very dramatic and always a rewarding process.

From a purely practical standpoint, teaching provides a good income. For example, you can easily charge $18+/class hour. In some large metropolitan areas, that can be doubled. This workshop is designed to be taught as a one-day intensive. At $149/student x 10 students your income for that 8 hours is $1,490. I recommend that you limit the size of your class to 10-15 in order to ensure a quality experience for each student. You will be amply rewarded in referrals of new students and private clients.

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