Emotional Release Metaphor


This webinar demonstrates an easy process to help clients clear out past negative emotions, experiences, beliefs, thoughts and events that prevent them from reaching their goal/s. It is a comfortable, non-threatening way to introduce a new client to hypnotherapy. The changes they experience lay the groundwork for the deeper work that may follow.

• 1 CE hour for hypnotherapists
• Access new material to use with clients

  • Really enjoyed the effortlessness of this session with Anna and her lovely relaxed smile. Katherine you are definitely at mastery level. Grateful. ~Marye McCarthy
  • Many thanks! What a wonderful and helpful webinar. ~Rachel Davies
  • …it was fabulous! ~Suzy Day
  • Thank you so much! I really enjoyed [it]… ~Sharon Austin

MP4 video and handout from the live class. Download 3 times. Link expires in 30 days.


While I do love process work… age regression, parts therapy, etc. not all clients respond well to that approach, especially in the first session. In fact, a few didn’t want to come back because they were a little overwhelmed by their experience.

So I looked for a way to address their problems with a generic metaphor that could be adapted to their needs. And, because I wanted to really test its effectiveness, I made up a chart so I could rate their progress. Here’s the reason for the ratings…

For those of you who’ve studied EFT you may know about the APEX effect. Once the SUDS (subjective units of distress) subsides they’ll say it wasn’t that bad to begin with. If you have a rating, they can’t deny the improvement. The rating chart is included and is something I keep in their file. It provides evidence that changes are occurring.

This webinar was originally sponsored by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).

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