Finding Your True Self E-Workbook


With the changes we are seeing on the planet, this is a perfect online offering to your community.

Table of Contents

    • The Journey Within
    • Journaling Exercises
    • Frog’s Message An Exercise
    • Turtle’s Message An Exercise
    • Dragonfly’s Message An Exercise
    • Past Life Regression An Exercise
    • Learning from Future Events An Exercise
    • Raising Self-esteem An Exercise
    • Developing Healthy Boundaries An Exercise
    • Becoming Your Own Best Friend
    • Restoring Personal Power An Exercise
    • Generating Self-Love An Exercise
    • Identifying What You Want in a Relationship
    • Learning to Love Your Physical Body
    • Dealing with Stress
    •    Creating a Calmer Self De-stressing
    •    Your True Self Creating a Calmer Mind
    •    Creating an Effective Learning Environment
    • Activating Intuition
    • Lighten Up
    • Clearing the Path
    • Practicing EFT
    • Increasing Self Understanding
    • with Astrology
    • with Numerology
    • Assignment for Astrology
    • Assignment for Numerology
    • Presentation Notes
    • Appendix A
    • Induction
    • Appendix B

Includes the License to Record Option*
*With the License to Record you can make your own self hypnosis CDs/mp3s and begin earning money immediately.


Finding Your True Self E-Workbook

Hypnotherapists: Finding Your True Self educates your clients about hypnosis and the power of change. It helps them take that first step into your office! Once they are in your office you can use The Workbook for Finding Your True Self, Teacher’s Edition to assist their growth.

The workbook is filled with processes and exercises for you to use in private sessions or with groups. There is enough material in the workbook to hold classes for 15 weeks. You may copy pages in the book to use as handouts.

The License to Record (Included) allows you to make recordings to sell to your clients/students. People appreciate taking your voice home with them for reinforcement.


What People Are Saying

“Having experienced Katherine Zimmerman as a generous, thorough, and creative teacher, I find that she has extended these qualities into her Workbook for Finding Your True Self. The creative exercises that Katherine provides help to make self discovery fun and exciting, and the assignments associated with them help to ground the new information accessed through the process into present reality. I heartily recommend the Workbook as a valuable adjunct to the excellent book, “Finding Your True Self.” Cynthia McTyre, CMH Certified Reiki Practitioner

“…your normal excellence is riding high…The Workbook for Finding Your True Self is, as all Katherine Zimmerman’s books and workbooks, absolutely fabulous. It covers so many areas in a clear, concise manner and with great insight. Although designed to use in conjunction with Finding Your True Self I am quite certain it can stand alone. Thank you Katherine for yet another brilliant manual…”

Maryelizabeth Reynolds, CHT

“I have used the [Teacher’s] Workbook for Finding Your True Self and created a 90 min workshop. I have taught this workshop for the Women’s Studies and The Woman and Spirituality Conference and in smaller groups. I have found the workbook complete and well put together so that teaching a workshop from this material is easy and enjoyable for the people in the group as well as for me. … the women… all express gratitude for helping them see their real potential and work toward allowing their True selves out. Thanks Katherine for putting this together and listening to your True Self.” Mae Clayton-Hornberg, Certified Hypnotherapist


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