Hypnosis in Action E-book


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Sara’s Relationship Dilemma
  • Sandra
  •     Reclaiming my Life
  •     Learning Self-Acceptance
  •     Regaining Confidence
  • Carol
  •     Connecting with Carol’s Spiritual Essence
  •     Showing up
  • Organizing Diane’s Life
  • Rebecca
  •     Attaining Peace of Mind
  •     Clearing the Past with EFT
  •     Continuing to Clear the Past
  • Steve
  •     Fear of Flying
  •     Fear of Flying Part II
  • Renee
  •     Renee’s Parts Party
  •     Integrating Parts
  • Seeds from the Past
  • Appendix
  •     Glossary
  •     Bibliography


Hypnosis Case Histories Using Parts Therapy, EFT and Other Powerful Modalities

Do you ever get a knot in your stomach wondering what to do with a client? Do you wonder how someone else would handle a similar situation?

Hypnosis in Action provides you with an opportunity to “listen in” on some powerful therapy sessions. Discover the questions to ask and observe the processes as clients achieve their goals.

Read along and witness their powerful shifts as they access their inner wisdom. You will read examples of parts therapy, EFT combined with hypnosis, and regression blended in a unique way to elicit permanent, positive change.

“I think it is absolutely invaluable! At this point, I can’t learn enough about the flow of a session and the wording to use at certain transition points, and just generally ideas of what to say. This is so helpful.” Nicki Parr, M.A., CHT

“I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed Hypnosis in Action. I found your intuitive process with clients and creative blending of methods truly inspiring. I use EFT mostly as a stand-alone process and had forgotten how great it can be tapping on someone while in trance. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ways with the rest of us!”     Lisa Saubolle, CHT

“Hypnosis in Action came this morning and it’s great.”     Peter Newell, CHT, UK

“Another great book from Katherine Zimmerman, Hypnosis in Action gives an outlined approach to maximize each hypnotherapy session, with a practical and time proven system, backed with fascinating accounts of the wonders obtained through hypnosis. A great resource for those new to the practice of hypnosis and seasoned Hypnotherapists as well.” Barbara Williams, CHT, CAC