Hypnosis for Teens MP4 Video


1 CE hour

This DVD includes information about working with teens along with a session with a 15-year old who struggled with math.

  • Learn how teens respond to hypnosis
  • Find out how to reach teens for classes and private sessions
  • Discover how to work with teens in groups
  • See how easily Vince makes changes in his beliefs about math.

Format: DVD


Hypnosis for Teens: Lecture & Session

1.5 CE hours

Do you use hypnosis for teens in your practice? It wasn’t a market that I was seeking when I began my practice in 1989. However, desperate parents begged me to work with their sons and daughters. Since I didn’t know how to approach them, I treated them all as if they were adults. I found that worked very well.

And the attitude that they gave their parents wasn’t apparent at all in our sessions. Once parents see the change in their teens, they often become clients themselves. Because teenagers are affected by many of the same issues as adults they need hypnotherapy for stress reduction, athletic performance, insomnia, self-esteem and more.

Unlike adults, they have few, if any, fears about the process. It’s a great time in life to introduce them to hypnosis as a viable therapy and to increase your income simultaneously

With our DVD series you can now improve your skills in the comfort of your own home. No hotels, no travel, no hassle.