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“I wanted to share with all of you how much I have been enjoying reading and using the wonderful scripts in The Worldwide Hypnotherapist’s Book of Scripts and Inductions. One of them has made a deep impact on me and I have begun using it with clients. It is the “Going Home Induction”. It is so beautiful, allowing and empowering. . . If you haven’t yet purchased the book, I highly recommend it. I don’t think you will regret the investment.” Michael C. Pollack, Ph.D

“Received The Worldwide Hypnotherapist’s Book of Scripts and Inductions and thank you very much. I found it both creative and inspiring. A great (project) job all in all! Looking forward to the next one.”
Michael Millett, CHT

Allowing General Induction
A Touching Induction
A Very Colorful Induction
Experiencing Your Essence Induction
Going Home Inductions(s)
Induction Technique
Letting Go – A Rapid
Mental Confusion Induction
Out of This World Induction
Permissive Rapid Eye Flutter
Resource State Induction
The Other Side of One Induction
The Slide Induction
The Tunnel of Light Induction


Accessing the True Self/Inner Self/Higher Self
Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit
Confidence Building/Deepening Script
Core Confidence
Creating Confidence
Creating a Sanctuary
Expanding Light Meditation
Fear of Other People’s Judgements
Harmony of Life
Letting Go
Pre-Surgery 1
Pre-Surgery 2
Reframing an Unwanted Behavior
River Trip
10-Minute R and R: Relaxation, Renewal and Inner Healing
The Magical Rainbow


Anchoring Your Future
Meeting the Source
Essential Healing

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This book of hypnotherapy scripts comes as a generous contribution from an international group of new and experienced hypnotherapists. As we read these scripts we could feel our own creative flow expanding and increasing. We have compiled this book to assist you in beginning your own practice or to foster your creative development in your already growing practice.
Each script has been used successfully many times by the respective authors.

We wish that we could thank each and everyone personally for their generous contribution of time and expertise to our project. So we’ll simply say it once in print: without you, this book could never have happened. Your generosity of spirit, your obvious desire to be of service to mankind, is imminently visible and real. We thank you, profusely and profoundly. Each contributor has moved us forward one more step in working together to heal ourselves and our clients. We hope you reap the same rewards.

As we have compiled this collection, it has been mentioned more than once that it is our intuitive words moving through us from a greater creative source that fosters and elicits shifts for our clients. We believe that Jerrold Larson has expressed it very well:
“I wish to acknowledge that I learned these scripts from my teachers and while I still use them I rely most upon Spirit to guide my voice. It is my heart connection, my vocal inflection and the personalization of the script to the individual client that supports change.

“Truly our art is one of intuition, heart and healing. No script alone heals; scripts are but a focus for the client’s attention. They are but a starting point. It is the therapeutic contract, the focus of our intention and our Trust in Source/Spirit/ Goddess/Higher Self that guides healing energies.

“I believe that the more completely I reside in my heart and connect my own ‘I Am-ness’ the more in service I am to my fellow beings. Perhaps the best script to include in your new script book is the one that helps the therapist center. “Perhaps the master script is your personal mantra, the breath of peace and loving intention that whatever is in your client’s highest good become manifest. So be it!” Jerrold Larson, CCHT

Happy Healing, Katherine and Stephanie

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