Pass the Bar Exam E-book


Taking the Bar Exam is expensive and highly stressful. The exam is offered only twice a year and takes three days to complete.   While some people pass on their first attempt, others fail two, three and even four times. That’s when they start looking for help. And what could be more helpful than hypnosis?

To date this program has a 91% success rate in helping my clients pass the bar exam. You can have the same success with my program!


Pass the Bar Exam

My practice was located in Sacramento for many years. There are numerous law schools in the area so I became an expert at helping folks pass the Bar Exam. One client in particular taught me everything that I needed to know to help her. Much of this program came out of our work.
Law students have spent a great deal of time and money to reach the point of graduating. They are very willing to spend a bit more to be successful and able to move forward with their career goals.
This program works well with groups as well as one-on-one. In 3-5 sessions clients are well prepared to pass the exam. It contains scripts and everything that I use to help my clients be successful.