Reframe and Anchor Demonstration DVD


1 CE hour

This live session demonstrates how to use the Reframe and Anchor technique with a client.

Format: DVD, 51 minutes


Reframe and Anchor Demonstration DVD

1 CE hour

Reframe & Anchor is process that helps clients to think: ‘How else can I do or consider this?’ For example, if a client comes in for help with anxiety I would ask about the different aspects of their experience. Once we have turned this intangible feeling into something tangible we can alter it and bring in a positive feeling.

Clients like this process because it is easy to follow and they are not being asked to delve into more highly charged material when they are still adjusting to using hypnosis as a therapy. For that reason, I often use this technique in the initial session with a client. It is a way to give them some quick relief and lay the groundwork for the deeper emotional release work that may follow.Clients also have a tool that they can use for themselves between sessions.

Besides helping clients to shift emotionally, the R&A technique is very effective for pain relief. Like emotions, pain is intangible. Once it has taken on a color, shape, texture, etc. it can be relocated outside of the body.


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