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From Hypnotherapy Scripts, Vol. 2

Have you ever felt scattered but didn’t know why? When you’re scattered your mind wanders, your body feels restless and it’s hard to settle down and accomplish anything. What causes us to be scattered? Without realizing it, we leave our energy at work, at home, at social gatherings and with the people we come in contact with…. leaving us to function on fewer cylinders.

If you drive a car with a six cylinder engine and three cylinders aren’t working, the car won’t perform well. Neither do we. When we scatter our energy it’s difficult to stay present, to be energized and interested in the project at hand. Our thoughts drift off to another time and place because we’ve left a part of ourselves there. What’s the solution? Call your energy back from all the places where you’ve left it.

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Prepare your client before you relate the metaphor itself.
“In a moment, I’m going to tell you a healing story which the subconscious mind will use and act upon in a powerful/gentle, positive healing way, to release you from _____________ (bitterness/smoking/excess weight, etc).  Although your conscious mind may hear the story I’m

about to convey,  your subconscious mind  acts upon the deeper meaning.

“This story has a message which your subconscious mind can use in your desire and 100% commitment to __________________ (release bitterness, stop smoking, release weight, etc.) which brings about the desired positive healing change.

Your subconscious mind can’t help but act upon the powerful healing message  in this story that frees you from _______________ (bitterness, smoking, excess weight, etc) completely.”
Read or tell the story.

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