The Gatekeeper Metaphor E-script


The Gatekeeper Metaphor
From Hypnotherapy Scripts, Vol. 4

For a client whose subconscious mind had sealed away her personal memories.

…Needing time to think, he asks the gatekeeper if he can visit him again the next day. The gatekeeper has enjoyed the man’s company, so he agrees.
The explorer returns to his fellow travelers and explains what he has found in the forest. He encourages them to all work together to find a way to convince the gatekeeper to allow them to see the treasures. Each member of their group has valuable expertise and their discussion lasts long into the night. Finally, exhausted, they sleep.
In the morning they put together a list of ways to convince the gatekeeper to allow them to visit the temple. Armed with new ideas, the man travels back into the forest. He greets the gatekeeper with a friendly smile and presents his idea. The gatekeeper ponders what he has heard and then steps back, slowly shaking his head. “No,” he says, “that just won’t do.” He steps back behind the gate, out of the travelers sight…


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Stories have been used to convey insights about the human condition since the dawn of spoken language. All good stories have hidden messages, and layers of meaning. And, of course, metaphors are the language of the subconscious mind. When I have clients who do not wish to deal with their underlying emotional issues in a direct manner, for example with regression or parts therapy, I will use a metaphor.

I tell clients that their conscious mind is welcome to listen in or it can drift off as the subconscious mind is always aware and observing for them.

Each metaphor listed on this page has been tested with my private clients. Your exclusive license to record is included in the pricing.

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Prepare your client before you relate the metaphor itself.
“In a moment, I’m going to tell you a healing story which the subconscious mind will use and act upon in a powerful/gentle, positive healing way, to release you from _____________ (bitterness/smoking/excess weight, etc).  Although your conscious mind may hear the story I’m

about to convey,  your subconscious mind  acts upon the deeper meaning.

“This story has a message which your subconscious mind can use in your desire and 100% commitment to __________________ (release bitterness, stop smoking, release weight, etc.) which brings about the desired positive healing change.

Your subconscious mind can’t help but act upon the powerful healing message  in this story that frees you from _______________ (bitterness, smoking, excess weight, etc) completely.”
Read or tell the story.

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