We’ll be using ZOOM for this class as it has many features that make it ideal for groups. It’s easy to use and much more flexible than Skype. No need to install any programs or do anything in advance (unless you want to explore ZOOM on your own). The log in link is below for our first session with complete instructions about how to join me online.

It’s a piece of cake and if you’re using a laptop or a desktop with camera and microphone (or if you’ve ever placed a call on Skype or other video calling service) you’ve got everything you need.

It’ll take 5 minutes or less for you to connect and I’m be here to support you the whole way. All you need is an adequate internet connection. (If you have any uncertainty about this, feel free to contact me as far in advance of our first meeting as possible and I’ll be glad to schedule a brief “test run” with you to get you started.)

When you log in for the first time, your computer may ask your permission to run a small applet – it isn’t going to download any big program on your PC … it’s completely safe … it gives you access to the meeting … say YES

You may also be asked if you want to join the conference by computer audio … say YES so you can hear (and talk with me).

The class will be recorded. If you prefer to remain anonymous, turn off your camera and mic. You will still be able to listen and see the group. Use the chat box for questions.

== == ==
Feel free to email me with any questions or considerations at trancetime@gmail.com, or you can text/call me on my private cell phone at 619-710-9583. I don’t always answer my phone when I’m with clients or otherwise unavailable, but I always return my calls – so be sure to leave me a message if you don’t get me directly.