EFT for Hypnotherapists


Recommended pre-requisite: basic training in hypnosis.

Included in your course

  • Three videos, 1 Audio CD, 62 page manual
  • How to Combine EFT and Hypnosis
  • Case Histories
  • Weight Loss with EFT
  • Smoking Protocol
  • Tell the Story Technique
  • EFT Exam
  • Student Practice Log

“I just finished your course on EFT with hypnosis and I absolutely loved it.”  Janice Jolly, CHT

Many thanks for this course which has finally pulled all the pieces together for me!” Kristine Anselmo, CHT


EFT for Hypnotherapists

~10 CE hours

Course description

I have tried for most of a decade to make sense of tapping, and was simply unsure what to do with it or whether it was effective. I was a bit skeptical, to tell the truth. You’ve made it clear that it works and how to use EFT as a simple tool in conjunction with hypnosis.

I am always hoping to find other paths for quality continuing ed. I was truly delighted to find so much good information in the binder and on all the DVD’s — I felt that I even got bonuses, such as your demonstration of the Elman induction, which I finally feel I can get comfortable with. ~Kristine Anselmo, CHT

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are so simple and effective that you can remove negative emotional issues and blocks that have interfered with your client’s goals. It’s quick and powerful on its  own and even more effective when used with a client who is in hypnosis.

Whether clients want relief from emotional, physical or mental blocks, EFT when combined with hypnosis is effective. If you’ve taken a two-hour class and weren’t impressed, give it another chance. It’s deceptively simple but the key to success is uncovering the aspects. Once you tap on their exact aspect, the results can be magic.

One client admitted that she thought it was “weird” but felt stressed enough at work to give it a try. She was amazed. Now she’s teaching all her co-workers.

You will experience the power and effectiveness of these easy-to-use tools to create immediate and permanent changes. This has been called “acupuncture for the emotions” without the needles!

These techniques were first developed about some years ago by Dr. Roger Callahan, a psychologist in southern California. He used similar techniques to what you’ll learn today to help people overcome phobias. Dr. Callahan now calls his approach Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Prior to Dr. Callahan’s work, there was no cure for phobias in the history of all the many psychotherapy techniques. In fact, “cure” was not a word that could be realistically connected to phobias until his techniques were developed. Therapists were limited to helping the person to cope a little better in the presence of the phobic object or situation. As you’ll see, these techniques work on much more than simply relieving phobias.

Gary Craig and Adrienne Fowlie studied with Dr. Callahan and went on to develop the refined methods that you’ll see here. They’ve used these techniques with thousands of people for hundreds of issues in the past few years with astounding success.

The basic premise with this work is that ALL negative emotions and many illnesses are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. This goes against all standard psychological theory. However, it’s being accepted quite readily in the counseling community because it does work. Talk therapy is about 50% successful. Licensed counselors are adding these techniques to their practices because they see results. EFT is even more powerful when combined with hypnotherapy.

Recommended pre-requisite: basic training in hypnosis.

While nothing replaces in-person classroom training, you can polish your techniques by studying other people’s styles. With our independent study
programs you can now improve your skills in the comfort of your own home.

We have included the highlights of this two day training so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home. No travel, no hotels, no hassle.

Complete the exam and turn in two practice sessions using the Emotional Freedom Techniques and hypnosis to receive your certificate. Questions? Give me a call: 619-710-9583

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