Pass the Bar Exam CD Set

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There is a strategy to passing the Bar. Hypnosis can help you to develop and maintain that
strategy. This 3-CD set will help you to release past test taking experiences and build a
positive plan for taking the exam and for your future as an attorney. Tap into the power of
your subconscious mind and you too can pass the Bar Exam!



Have you failed to pass the Bar Exam once or even two or three times?  Are you feeling frustrated and worried about taking it again…  and again… and again? Hypnosis can help! In my private practice my clients have a 91% success rate at passing the bar no matter how many times they’ve failed in the past.

Disc #1: Eliminate past test anxiety 21 minutes

Disc #2: Positive suggestions while you sleep. 29 minutes

Disc #3: Rehearse your new strategy 25 minutes

Worried about using hypnosis? Read on…

Hypnosis can be defined as a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. In this state the subconscious easily accepts suggestions and imagery. Physical relaxation is not necessarily a part of hypnosis. You’re certainly in a state of hypnosis when you’re engrossed in a horror movie, for example. You’re not relaxed but every event on the screen seems very real.

Even without knowing it, we enter hypnotic states every day – when we’re absorbed in a good book or movie, when we have driven our car the last few blocks home without realizing how we got there, whenever we have been on “automatic pilot.” Anytime that we narrow down our focus, we enter into an altered state of consciousness. So when we are more focused on our internal emotional or physical state and less aware of outer surroundings we’re in a hypnotic trance.

One goal of hypnosis is to access the subconscious. Why do that? When we open our subconscious mind we can then access the root of a problem. We can recall memories that are not accessible to the conscious mind. We can change habits and beliefs by going into the subconscious.
In hypnosis, your mind is always aware and observing. Often people will say to me, I don’t think I was hypnotized because I heard everything you said. Not only will you hear my voice during the trance but you can silently comment and criticize the process. That’s your conscious mind talking.

Benefits of Hypnosis
15 minutes spent in hypnosis equals an hour of deep, restful sleep. Daily relaxation is extremely important. We accomplish twice as much work when we’re relaxed as we do when we’re nervous and tense with half the effort. According to Bernie Siegel (author of Love, Medicine & Miracles) “Meditation [and I’d also say any trance state] . . . . raises the pain threshold and reduces one’s biological age. Its benefits are multiplied when combined with regular exercise.”
In the trance state the body elevates the production of the neurotransmitter, serotonin. Whereas dopamine may be associated with the jock or competitive business man, serotonin might be best demonstrated in a well centered monk.  When present, serotonin creates feelings of well being, relaxation, personal security and restful sleep. It helps the brain to be more focused and less distracted. Emotions like joy, peace and happiness are usually triggered by normal or higher serotonin levels.

Facts, Fallacies and Issues of Control
When you’re hypnotized, you’re not asleep or unconscious. Your conscious mind is always aware of what you are experiencing. However, students sometimes go into such a deep trance that they choose not to hear my voice until I say “and in a moment I’ll count from one to five.” Suddenly they are aware of my voice once again and quickly return from the trance. Despite the deep subconscious contact, your mind can comment, criticize, and censor. You’re always in control of what you say. Hypnosis is not a “truth serum.”
We experience various levels of trance with ease every day as we pass through the state between waking and sleeping and when we’re just waking up and can still remember our dreams vividly, but we’re not yet fully awake.
There’s no danger in hypnosis. Not one person I have ever hypnotized has become “stuck” in the hypnotic state. You can emerge from a state of hypnosis whenever you want.
No one has ever violated his/her moral and ethical principles. No one has involuntarily acted like a chicken or a duck. You are in complete control.

What Does it Feel Like to Be Hypnotized?
One sign of a deep trance is trance logic, which is the brains’ ability to believe two contradictory things at once. For example, you may feel as if you’re floating and also feel yourself in your chair or on the bed.

Here are the signs that you are, indeed, in a trance state. You’ll experience at least one during while you’re in a state of hypnosis.
1.You feel so relaxed that you don’t want to move a muscle
2.You may have a feeling of heaviness, or lightness, especially in your arms and legs.
3. You may feel numbness, tingling, or dullness in your feet or hands.
4. You may feel as if you’re floating.
5. You may feel so detached from the environment that surroundings feel quite distant.

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