Age Regression CE Course



Pre-requisite: hypnotherapy training

12.5 CE hours

Included in the your course
• Demonstration video
• 4 hours of lecture CD
• 2.5 hour course on video
• 45 page manual
• Sample Pre-talk for Regression
• Affect Bridge
• Sample Regression Script
• Informed Child Technique
• Gestalt Therapy
• Regression to Childhood Memory Script
• Forgiveness
• Pre-birth & Birth Issues
• Exam
• Student Practice Log

Includes 2.5 hour bonus video! Age Regression through the Side Door, a $34.95 value


Age Regression

~12.5 CE hours

The Age Regression & Inner Child Home Study Course offers 12.5 CE hours for hypnotherapists
Complete the exam and turn in three practice sessions to receive your certificate.

Pre-requisite: hypnotherapy training

Course description: Learn how to safely regress your clients to the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE) to resolve their current problem. This course teaches you a non-leading method of regression as well as covers some basic information about developmental stages. Scripts are included to guide you as you learn the process.

We have included the highlights of this two day training so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home. No travel, no hotels, no hassle.

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From the manual, page 9

Age regression is a powerful technique. Because of the danger of ‘implanting memories,’ it is extremely important that the hypnotherapist never lead the client. Second, regressions can get very emotionally active, so the client needs a safe place or sanctuary. Remember to discuss a “safe place” with your client prior to hypnosis. A safe place should be a place filled with peaceful, calming imagery – perhaps somewhere your client went on vacation or a fantasy place filled with beauty and peace. Learn the phrase, “The scene fades as you tend to your breathing.”

An abreaction is a spontaneous release of subconscious emotions., e.g. crying, screaming, shaking. Not everyone experiences an abreaction and it is not something to fear as it facilitates the healing process. Always monitor the client carefully and if needed, use the phrase, “The scene fades as you tend to your breathing.” Or you can lay your hand on their forehead and say, “Clear your mind, let that go, think of nothing at all.”

Is age regression real or symbolic? Clients are recalling their perception of the event which feels very real and can also be symbolic. Many people have experienced a natural and spontaneous regression, for example “our song” or certain scents.

Age regression is useful for fears, mood problems, anger problems, chronic conditions, depression, motivation, allergies, compulsions, smoking cessation, and much more.

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