Business Solutions E-Book


Table of Contents
Starting from Scratch
Business Forms
Who Keeps the Books?
Marketing and Advertising
Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers
Product Sales
Teaching for Fun and Profit
Sample Proposals and Cover Letters
Business Products to Increase Your Income
Order Form

“I have found Katherine’s book to be like having a partner or mentor… The book has boosted my enthusiasm and confidence to succeed.” Dayle Walker, Australia


Business Solutions

Contains new information and a broader scope to include other holistic practitioners. Do you need help to build a successful business? This book addresses the business aspects of establishing and maintaining a successful holistic practice.

Applicable to any holistic practice: hypnotherapy, massage, aroma therapy, Reiki and many other healing modalities. Give yourself the winning edge.

Learning to be successful in business can make the difference between enjoying your holistic business as a hobby and having a practice that supports you financially.

“I purchased your book a few months ago. Thank you so much! I had many questions and kept saying to myself,”‘ need someone to tell me the steps to take’ and then I came across your book. Thanks so much for your time, and again, for helping those of us that are clueless in the business end of things!” Michelle Tschida, CHT

“I have truly enjoyed your Business Solutions book! So many of us “alternative” folks fail to thrive due to lack of knowledge in the areas you outline so well in your book. There are lots of good ideas in there…” Cindy Locher, CHT

“I really enjoyed your business book. The suggestions were realistic and good. I will recommend the book to my students.” Dr. Bruce Hodges, DC, National University of Health Sciences

“I have received your book on how to start a hypnotherapy business. I found the book to be fabulous.” Shari Miller, CHT

“… is such a great resource, if anyone is still not sure how to get started and turn one’s practice into a thriving business, it is giving me so many good ideas and answering many of my ‘business’ questions. [The] book is immensely helpful. I keep finding more answers to questions I’ve always had about how to handle the business side of my practice. It’s a wonderful resource and I’ll be recommending it. Thanks for putting together so much useful information (and examples too).” Betty Moore-Hafter, CHT

“Your book has been, and continues to be, a great help to me…” Atmur Stokes, MD, CHT

“This is an excellent book for anyone starting a hypnotherapy business… If you’re new to the field or just getting your business together, this book is a much needed step in the right direction!” Sharyn McWilliams, CHT

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