Hypnotherapy Scripts, Volume 2 E-book


Table of Contents

  • Caretaking
  • Experiencing Balance
  • Experiencing Choice
  • Experiencing Flexibility
  • Experiencing Honesty
  • Experiencing Intuition
  • Experiencing New Expectations
  • Experiencing Responsibility
  • Experiencing Self-Discipline
  • Experiencing Self-Love
  • Freedom From Fear
  • Guided Imagery for Deep Relaxation
  • Learning to Make Decisions
  • Living in the Present Moment
  • Positivity and Optimism
  • Progressive Relaxation Induction
  • Reclaiming Your Personal Power
  • Releasing Energy for Change
  • Releasing Judgments
  • Stop Smoking
  • Trusting the Spirit Within
  • Tips for Making Recordings
  • Business Products to Increase Your Income
  • Hypnotherapy DVDs
  • Continuing Education and Coaching
  • Includes the License to Record Option*
    *With the License to Record you can make your own self hypnosis CDs/mp3s and begin earning money immediately. Volumes I – 5 only.


Hypnotherapy Scripts

About the scripts

In the years I have been teaching and making hypnosis recordings I have written many scripts which I would like to share with others in the field. These scripts are designed to elicit information from the subconscious through a process called receptive visualization, as well as provide direct suggestions.

Scripts are helpful if you are just starting out, need some new ideas, are recording a CD, working with a group or simply are having a challenging day. Each script is approximately 25-30 minutes in length when combined with the progressive relaxation script with the exception of the past life regression script.

I have successfully used these scripts with groups and on recordings since 1989. Each one has been “field tested.”

The License to Record is included with your E-book purchase. You can record your own self hypnosis CDs for your private clients or for commercial sale.

I trust that they will be useful to you and your clients as you explore the fascinating dimensions of the mind.

“I have purchased your Hypnotherapy Scripts Volume I and I dearly love it… I appreciate the work that goes into the scripts of this quality… Again, I want you to know I appreciate your work — BEAUTIFUL!”  Donna Lake-Slade, CHT

“I have been very successful using your scripts.”     John Carter, CHt.

“I love your work and have had a lot of success with the scripts.”    Julie Geigle, CHT

“I have found Katherine’s scripts to be a helpful adjunct to my own hypnotherapy practice and feel both new and experienced hypnotherapists would find the same to be true in their own practice….”JJ Bradshaw, CHT, Santa Clarita, CA