Hypnosis for Weight Control E-Book


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Intake questionnaire
  • Session One: Self Talk
  •    Control Room and Reprogramming Beliefs Script
  •    First Home Fun Assignment
  •    Food diary
  •    Session two: Healing Feelings
  •    Regression Script
  •    Emotional Release Metaphor
  •    Second Home Fun Assignment
  • Session three: Design a No Fail Environment
  •    Parts Therapy and Image Rehearsal Script
  • Session Four: Mastery over Food and Impulse Eating
  •    Create a New Plan Script
  • Session Five: High-yield nutrition
  •    Food that Support the Liver Handout
  •    Nutrition Script
  • Session Six: Intentional Movement
  •    Self-Discipline to Increase Activity Script
  • Session Seven: Your Circle of Support
  • Appendix
  •    Six Week Weight Release Class Outline
  •    Affect bridge technique
  • Includes License to Record

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Hypnosis for Weight Control

I have used these approaches with my clients for years and finally have pulled everything together in an easy to follow format.This 7-8 session weight program is based on the work of several experts in the weight reduction field as well as on my experience working with private clients since 1989.

The program is designed for clients who require a significant amount of weight reduction. You can use fewer sessions for clients who have simply formed bad eating habits and wish to reduce by ten or twenty pounds. Those clients probably won’t require regression or parts therapy.

I have applied hypnosis, NLP and EFT to seven steps to weight loss. Please take this material and adapt it to the personal needs of each client. For clients who require a significant amount of weight reduction I recommend a minimum of eight sessions. Some of your clients will need additional sessions to resolve emotional traumas from childhood as well as dealing with part.

Following a recorded session, the home fun assignment is always to listen to the recording at least once a day.

The program can easily be adapted for groups. I have included a few notes with each session about working with groups for weight control.

You may record the scripts in this book for your individual clients. Each script is in 14 point type and spaced at 1.5 for easier use.

If you wish to record the sessions to sell, a License to Record is included.

“I received the weight control program last week and think it’s very top notch. Thank you!”  Denise Mosher, CHT

“I love it… I’m so happy with it!”  Loretta Shughrue, CHT


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