Peace and Balance MP3


This hypnosis recording guides you into a state of peace and balance to better cope with the stressors in your life. Listen while you sleep!

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Peace and Balance MP3

Life can certainly throw us off balance. This recording helps you to reclaim an inner state of peace and balance.

Subconscious memories and beliefs are difficult to influence with the “logic” of your conscious mind. However, in the trance state, you can communicate directly and effectively with your subconscious and begin to challenge some of your deeply held negative beliefs. You can replace your old programming, based on childhood experiences, with an accurate self-assessment based on an adult recognition of your strengths.

You can literally erase old negative labels that have damaged your self esteem and learn forgiveness for your mistakes. You can let go of the old rules about who you should have been, how you should act, and what you should feel. Instead, you can tell your subconscious that you have always done your best, that you have legitimate needs, and that you are worthwhile.

Hypnosis MP3s can reprogram your subconscious while you sleep. Most listeners have never heard the end of their CD but they are making positive changes in their lives! If the  pre-recorded topics don’t fit your needs, I can make you a personalized recording.

About personalized recordings:

   “I am really impressed [with my hypnosis CD]! You have done an incredibly brilliant job. After listening to your session about 4 times I have yet to nod off once during meditation!”    ~Brother Mark

   “I can’t thank you enough for the effective recording you’ve made for me… I am very pleased with the results. I can feel my self confidence increasing, and I can see other positive changes in my personality as well. Thanks again.”     ~Mayta Lang

Kind comments on a few pre-recorded titles

“. . . the recordings . . . set me up for a good day at work . . .they are really great, and have made a significant positive influence on my life.  Thanks for turning me on to this easy and fun tool!!” Anne W.

“I received your Cutting the Cords CD today and truly loved it. I had to listen to it (and do some of the cord work myself) right away. Thank you. It was wonderful — as is all the material I have received from you.”  Donna  Lake-Slade, CHT

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