Therapeutic NLP MP4 Video


1.5 CE hours

This two-session video demonstrates Submodalities, the Swish Pattern, Stacking Anchors, and Future Pacing.

Format: MP4


Therapeutic NLP

1.5 CE hours

Using NLP helped this client to release his pattern of failing to approach the attractive women that he meets. You will view the client in his initial session as well as our follow up work. Victor makes progress in his first session using submodalities to lessen the impact of previous negative experiences with women.

In the second session we use a variety of approaches to allow him to feel confident with women at all times. I find these techniques to be invaluable in working with clients. They will often resolve the problem without the necessity of doing any deeper work. They can also lessen the emotional impact, providing a good foundation for any deeper work that follows.

Click here for a demonstration of the Reframe and Anchor technique

While nothing replaces in-person classroom training, you can polish your techniques by studying other people’s styles. With our DVD series you can now improve your skills in the comfort of your own home.