Spiritual Scripts


Because my clients and students have expressed a longing for a deeper connection to the Divine I have written this small book of spiritual scripts. The field-tested processes in this book can assist you in working with private clients as well as with groups.

“I’ve been a hypnotherapist for years and upon review of Katherine’s scripts I can highly recommend them to both new and seasoned hypnotherapists. They will open your mind to new opportunities for your own sessions and courses with your clients. I hope everyone does their self a favor and grabs the opportunity to expand their knowledge and help their clients with this wonderful soulful material. Our world needs more of us in Spirit Circle!” Heather Chan, Hypnotherapist and Intuitive /Medium Trainer

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Spiritual Scripts

With these 11 spiritual scripts you can run your own group, in person or online. Match each process with your favorite meditation, an induction and you’re ready to offer a weekly guided group meditation. You can easily step into a new realm of what you offer or expand on the Spiritual teachings that are already part of your practice.

Limited edition.

“I believe that the more completely I reside in my heart and connect my own ‘I Am-ness’ the more in service I am to my fellow beings. Perhaps the best script to include in your new script book is the one that helps the therapist center. “Perhaps the master script is your personal mantra, the breath of peace and loving intention that whatever is in your client’s highest good become manifest. So be it!” Jerrold Larson, CCHT


Table of Contents

  • Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Expanding Light Meditation
  • Finding Peace in a Chaotic World
  • Generating Self-Love & Exercise
  • Invite in Spiritual Support
  • Listening to Your Inner Voice
  • Mind Calming
  • Open to Love
  • Release Spiritual Blocks
  • Retrieve Your Divine Connection
  • Setting Intention

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Excerpt from Spirit Circle

…From now on, regardless of the outward circumstances, you’re filled with this peace. Your words, choices, decisions and actions reflect this deep peace. Allow yourself to enjoy this gift daily. (Pause)
Optional- personalize for each client/class
[If your client maintains that peaceful feeling throughout the day, simply walk them through the day noticing the improvements.] Let’s take this deep peace into your daily life… How does your morning routine unfold? Could you benefit from experiencing peace? If so, press your thumb and forefinger together and notice what happens… (Pause)
If you have a morning commute… is it easy and relaxing? If not, press your thumb and forefinger together and notice what changes… (Pause)
How do you feel when you arrive at your destination? (work, school, etc.) Could this part of your day benefit from a feeling of peace? Perhaps you’re continuing to feel peaceful. If not, press your thumb and forefinger together and notice what happens… (Pause)
Move through your day now noticing if you need to access the deep well of peace within you. (Pause 1 minute)
When evening arrives, look back on your day and take a moment to reflect on how you felt during the day… mentally, emotionally and physically… (Pause) Did being more peaceful improve your interactions with others? (Pause) Were you more productive? (Pause) What’s possible now that hasn’t been possible before? (Pause)…

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