Hypnotherapy Refresher Course

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Included in your course
• Misconceptions about Hypnosis
• Benefits of Hypnosis and Common Goals
• Physical Signs of Trance
• Steps for Successful Induction of Trance
• Inductions
• Guidelines for Choosing an Induction
• Suggestibility Tests, Convincers, Deepening Techniques
• How to Conduct the Pre-induction Interview DVD
• How to Conduct a Follow up Session DVD
• Laws of Suggestions
• Ten Rules for Structuring Therapeutic Suggestions
• Help with Analytical Types
• Anatomy of a Session
• Applications of Hypnosis
• Regression DVD; reference guide
• Scripts
• 32 page handy reference guide
• Hypnosis in Action E-book
• Feedback on four practice sessions


Hypnotherapy Refresher Course for Professionals

~20 CE hours

“…thank you for an excellent refresher course. I appreciated how well organized and precise the materials were and your presentation was very easy to follow.” Constance Kenney, CHT

“Thank you, Katherine. You are a great teacher! Your refresher class was exactly what I needed..” Katie Purvis, HT

“…I find this course SO beneficial and helpful and supportive…I’m glad I chose to take this course in working toward my CE hours. Thank you! I’m excited to dive into the intuition course as well.” Kelly Gerhardt, CHT

Hypnotherapy Refresher: A refresher and quick reference guide to hypnotherapy practice and techniques Have you been away from hypnotherapy for awhile? Perhaps you took training as a retirement option. Now that you’re ready to see clients, do you lack confidence? Or perhaps you simply need a fresh approach – something that differs from your original training. It is always helpful to train with a new instructor If so, this hypnotherapy refresher course has been designed just for you. After reviewing the basics in the comfort of your own home, you can confidently start your practice or infuse your existing practice with new ideas. This also gives you an opportunity to have four of your sessions reviewed by an experienced colleague. Remember how great it was to have feedback when you were learning?

Course description: Covers inductions, deepeners, convincers and the pre-induction interview. Includes 86 page manual, a 30 page reference guide, 4 Audio lecture CDs, 3 DVDs, one E-book: Hypnosis in Action; CE certificate issued once your four practice sessions have been reviewed.

Pre-requisite: basic training in hypnosis.

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