Hypnotherapy Scripts, Volume 3 E-Book

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Table of Contents
Guided Meditations

    • A Gift from the Soul
    • Enhanced Learning
    • Increase Positive Emotions

General scripts

    • Create a Personal Image to Deepen Trance
    • Cutting Cords Inviting in Spiritual Support
    • Out of Body
    • Retrieve Your Energy
    • Setting Intention
    • Quality of Life
    • Yoga Nidra

Personalized Scripts

  • Accelerate Healing for a Cancer Patient
  • Blood Pressure/Doctor Phobia
  • Erasing Negative Beliefs
  • Fears of Driving
  • Healing through Positive Thinking and Inner Peace
  • Remembering the Words


  • The Set-up A
  • Short Talk on Hypnosis
  • Mind/Body Connection Presentation
  • Self Hypnosis Relaxation Tools for a Burn Support Group
  • Stress Reduction Presentation


    • Speaking to Groups
    • Tips for Recording CDs and MP3s

Includes the License to Record Option**With the License to Record you can make your own self hypnosis CDs/mp3s and begin earning money immediately. Volumes I – 4 only.



Hypnotherapy Scripts, Volume 3

About the scripts

In the years I have been teaching and making hypnosis recordings I have written many scripts which I would like to share with others in the field. These scripts are designed to elicit information from the subconscious through a process called receptive visualization, as well as provide direct suggestions.

Scripts are helpful if you are just starting out, need some new ideas, are recording a CD, working with a group or simply are having a challenging day. Each script is approximately 25-30 minutes in length when combined with the progressive relaxation script with the exception of the past life regression script.

I have successfully used these scripts with groups and on recordings since 1989. Each one has been “field tested.”

The License to Record is included with your E-book purchase. You can record your own self hypnosis CDs for your private clients or for commercial sale.

I trust that they will be useful to you and your clients as you explore the fascinating dimensions of the mind.

    “With her third book of scripts, Katherine Zimmerman has done it again. Each script provides an invaluable matrix for the hypnotherapist to tailor to the individual client. With a wide range of specific and universal topics, this is a valuable resource and a tool to be used in daily practice. Highly recommended!”     Gil Boyne, Exec. Director-American
Council of Hypnotist Examiners“… again Katherine has shown her creative and professional knowledge throughout the book. Buy Hypnotherapy Scripts, Volume III,  read it, enjoy it and improve your life as a side effect.”    Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D Army Chaplain (Brigadier General, Ret.),
hospital chaplain (Ret.) and hospital clinical hypnotherapist“A beautifully compiled book. Written with great clarity, Katherine has drawn from her extensive experience to produce an excellent book rich with material to enhance the skills of any hypnotherapist whether new or experienced.”    Sallie Albertina, CCHT, Palm Springs, CA

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