The Stress Solution MP3 Set


Recording 1: A.M. Start your day with a 15 minute guided meditation.

Recording 2: P.M. End your day with a soothing walk on the beach and watch as the sun sets.

In a state of self hypnosis our bodies produce the chemical serotonin which is very calming. By spending time daily in a hypnotic state we can alter the way we respond to outer circumstances.

Format: MP3

Download limit: 3 in 30 days

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The Stress Solution

We already know the detrimental effects of stress. And we know the cause so let’s use the power of our minds to change our perception, automatically changing our response to the stressful events that we encounter.

Years ago when I worked at a desk job, I practiced self hypnosis daily. For some reason I missed my regular practice for three days in a row. Someone asked me a question at work on that third day and it was all I could do not to grab him by the throat and demand to know what he wanted. I was shocked. What was wrong with me? I had skipped my main self-help tool for three days. I never missed that many consecutive days again.

Beginning your day with 15 minutes of hypnosis sets the stage for staying more relaxed. And ending your day with a vacation from stress helps you to release the effects of stress from your day, helping you to sleep more soundly. Even if you have to get up 15 minutes early to listen, it is time well spent.

And since 15 minutes in hypnosis is equal to an hour of deep, restful sleep, you won’t miss out on sleep — you’ll feel more rested. At the end of your day, perhaps right after work or after dinner, listen to the second recording and let go of any stress that has accumulated.

Make this part of your regular routine, like brushing your teeth, and the quality of your life will improve.