Past Life Regression Therapy Online Course


Included in the your course

  • Demonstration Video, Audio Lecture, manual
  • Twelve Traits Present with Past Life Regression
  • Exploring the Present to Find the Past
  • How to Recognize Past Life Memories
  • The Past Life Pre-talk
  • Two Past Life Scripts
  • Past-life Disorientation in Children
  • Outline for Past Life group
  • Exam
  • Student Practice Log

“I took a Past Life Regression workshop with Brian Weiss thinking I would learn something new.  However, Katherine had already given me all the tools! There was nothing ‘new’ that wasn’t covered by Katherine’s past life course.”  Donna Jean Rains, CCHT


Past Life Regression Therapy Course

~10 CE hours

Have you experienced a past life regression? Are past lives real? Does it matter? As a therapy, visiting a past life can be very effective. Not all hypnotherapists conduct past life regression therapy sessions. However, do you know what to do when your client spontaneously goes to an apparent past life? Will you lose credibility if you don’t know how to facilitate their session? How do you help a client if you haven’t been trained in past life regression?

Do you really want to send them off to another hypnotherapist? Learn these valuable techniques and help more clients.

Course description: This course covers the philosophy of reincarnation and its application in hypnotherapy. Through this therapy we will explore the following

  • The soul’s current choices and relationships
  • Past life talents and abilities
  • Individual and couples past life regression
  • How to conduct group past life workshops

All the home study courses and books purchased from you were such wise investments. I find myself returning to the resource material frequently.  Lucinda Balgooyen, CHT

We have included the highlights of this two day training so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home. No travel, no hotels, no hassle.

Excerpt from the manual

B. The Memories
You may begin by moving yourself to a time when you were in your teens. You will find that it’s very easy to do. Choose a memory of that time. Choose a scene or an event that you would like to relate from your teen age years. With a private client: Bring the saliva to your mouth and let your lips become moist so that you may speak easily…. and now, you’re in your teens. Describe what you’re experiencing — what you’re doing, or seeing, or hearing, or feeling, or sensing?
That’s good. Now, continue moving to a time when you were about three or four or five years old. Again, choose an experience and focus on the memory……. You’re now three or four or five years old. What’s happening?
You’re doing very well. Now continue to move beyond that time. Move to the time of your birth. If you want to do so, you may pause to note the time of your birth. (Ask any questions which seem necessary.) ……. and now, move beyond the womb experience. Move to the place where you were before you entered the body. Some people refer to it as a Blue Mist. It could be a little different for you. It is abounding space; a room without walls or ceiling; a timeless place. It is a place of inner peace and gentle rhythms.
The Blue Mist — this timeless place — is really the avenue of the heart to the Infinite. You feel very comfortable and happy; yet, you must follow your plan to go beyond that comfortable place to bring to your memory scenes or events from one or your other lives on earth. You’re guided to a horizon. You perceive a light. You realize that the light is good and you move toward it. You travel with your feelings…

Complete the exam and turn in two practice sessions to receive your certificate.  

Pre-requisite: hypnotherapy training & age regression

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